The Greatest Soccer Players Of All Time

Soccer is a fun game to play and watch. Throughout the history of FIFA, many soccer players have etched their marks on the history of soccer with their great plays, kicks, and statistics. Here are the greatest soccer players who have led their teams to countless victories.

Lionel Messi

At the age of 21, Messi is considered one of the greatest football players of his time, having been nominated countless times as FIFA’s World Player of the Year. As of current, Messi has made 17 goals in 62 global events. Messi is likened to another soccer leader, Diego Maradona, who treats him as his ‘successor.’

Messi sank six goals in the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship, which made him the score leader of the season. The year after, he played for the FIFA World Cup and became the youngest Argentinian to have done so. By 2007, he took home the silver medal from the Copa America tournament. The following year, he and his teammates bagged the Olympic gold medal during the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is deemed as the priciest player in the history of soccer. When he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, he signed on a contact worth 80 million pounds.

Ronaldo broke another record on May 15, 2011 when he made the most goals – 51 – for the season. He smashed the record of FerencPuskas, who successfully made 49 goals for Real Madrid. By the end of the season, Ronaldo made 53 points, making him the first Real Madrid player to score more than 50 goals in a season. As for the La Liga, Ronaldo remains on the first place at 40 goals, sharing the top spot with Hugo Sanchez.

Wayne Rooney

In 2002, Rooney made his professional debut for the Everton team. Two years after, he was signed on by the Manchester United team for a whopping 25.6 million pounds. Rooney’s transfer worked wonders for Man U, as they managed to win the Premiere League for 4 times. Rooney also helped the team win 2 league cups, and the most coveted UEFA Champions league.

In 2009, Rooney was given the FWA Footballer of the Year and the PFA Players’ Player of the Year awards. In August of 2011, Rooney made his 150th goal, making him Man U’s highest pointer since the start of the Premiere League. Now, he is the third-highest paid player in the game, after Ronaldo and Messi.


2008 has been a good year for Spanish footballer Xavi. That year, he was touted as UEFA’s Player of the Tournament, after helping the Spanish team win the elusive UEFA Euro 2008 cup. Two years after, he repeated the same feat, and became one of the finalists for FIFA’s 2010 Ballon d’Or honors. Xavi, who took home the award as World Soccer’s player of the year, made waves when he played in January 2011. It marked his 549th game appearance, matching the record held by Migueli. This has made him one of the most-played Spanish footballers of all time.

Soccer: How It All Started

Soccer is famous sport, attracting millions of spectators every time it is played in arenas all around the globe. Although Soccer is wildly famous in Latin America and Europe, evidences suggest that the game actually originated in China somewhere from 300-200 BC. The first form of Soccer was played during the Han dynasty, where the Chinese tried to strike a leather ball and shoot it into a net.

Although studies show that Soccer originated in China, some historians contest that the ancient Greeks and Romans were the first ones to treat kicking balls as a form of pastime. Other evidences, on the other hand, point Soccer’s humble beginnings to Kyoto, Japan, where ball kicking was a popular hobby.

There is no contest about the English beginnings of modern Soccer though. Some historians attest that the first Soccer ball was the decapitated head of a Danish bandit. When Soccer was played during the medieval times, players bit, punched, kicked, and gouged each other – activities that are considered illegal nowadays. After all, their focus was only to kick the ball to a certain area.

Englishmen became very fascinated with Soccer that they ended up playing the game all day long. English soldiers became so addicted with the game that they skipped archery practices to watch the fierce competition. Unfortunately, most games ended up with riots and acts of violence.

Because of the violence and the laxness of the military brought about by Soccer, King Edward III decided to ban the game in 1365. King James I of Scotland announced during a Parliamentary meeting in 1424 – “No man shall play football.”

Soccer re-emerged in 1815, when it was played in most schools, colleges, and universities. The list of Soccer rulings, known as the Cambridge Rules, was conceptualized by Eton College and English school. Soccer was then divided into two. One sect carried on with the rules enforced in Rugby – rules which allowed shin kicking, tripping, and carrying of the ball. The other sect adhered with the Cambridge Rules – which bans these three acts permitted in Rugby.

In October 1863, representatives from eleven London Clubs and schools organized a meeting at the Freemason’s Tavern, in an effort to create rules and orchestrate matches among the teams. This paved the way for the establishment of the Football Association. December that year, the Football and Rugby Association parted ways because the supporters of the latter wished to stick by with the rules of Rugby.

The Football Association further strengthened the game by banning ball handling. Soccer rose to fame quickly as soldiers, trailers, and sailors introduced the game to different countries all around the world.

As Europeans and South Americans enjoyed the game, the FédérationInternationale de Football Association or International Federation of Association Football was created in 1904. The association was touted as the organizers of the first world cup, which was held in Uruguay. As the years progressed, more and more international leagues were created. Now, Soccer continues to be one of the most-loved sports all over the world.

Consulting a Team’s Form in Soccer Betting

A fan of soccer (or football as it is known in most of the world) cannot watch a match or read a betting line without seeing or hearing reference to a team’s form. In soccer betting, a team’s form refers to how they have performed recently on the pitch. Many soccer handicappers and football bettors consult a team’s form when trying to predict how they will fare in an upcoming match or matches. A team in top form will continue to perform well, while a team that demonstrates poor form will continue to play poorly.

Form considers a bit more than merely the last match played. It is possible that a given football club such as Manchester United could have played quite poorly in their last match, yet they are listed in top form. This is because form considers the past several games, as opposed to a more shortsighted view of the last game they played. Sure, the last match is important when analyzing a team, but the form is a more accurate barometer for predicting future games.

When the form is analyzed, the bettor takes the past six games that the team has played in the competition they are in. This means that if a team such as Manchester United is playing a match in the English Premier League, the results from the past six Premier League matches are considered. Play in competitions such as the UEFA Champion’s League or the FA Cup are not considered when determining their form for the EPL.

If United have won their previous six games, their form would read W-W-W-W-W-W. If they lose two games and draw one over their last three matches, their form would then read W-W-W-L-L-D. As new games are played, the old result falls off and the new result comes in. So, two more matches where United win causes United’s form to read W-L-L-D-W-W. Another draw would move the form to L-L-D-W-W-D.

When assessing a team’s form, we want to bet on soccer odds teams that their form shows an upward trend. This means that we want our team to have more wins than losses or draws. Additionally, we want to see the most recent matches rich in wins. The team’s form suggests how they are running. A hot team that is trending upward will show this in their form, as they string together successive wins and draws over their previous six matches. Additionally, the form can show when a team is starting to get hot, as well as suggest when the last match was most likely a flash in the pan. This can work opposite as well, as bettors can bet against teams who show poor form, when they have mostly losses and draws in their previous six matches.

When betting soccer matches, the team’s form is a valid indicator that can show how worthy a team is of one’s bet. Soccer bettors should ride the trend when a team is in great form and bet against teams showing poor form.

Playing The Fun Sport That Is Soccer

Soccer is a fun game that has millions of fans worldwide. The game, which is already 3000 years old, continues to captivate the hearts and minds of fans from all over the globe. Familiarize yourself with the game and the 17 laws that govern the sport of Soccer.

The first law of soccer governs the field of play, which is composed of the soccer goal area, the penalty area, the actual goal, the corner arcs, and the height of the flag posts. The actual goal is determined by the field positions, and the sizes of the opening, crossbar, and posts. This law also tackles the maximum and minimum field area, ranging from the depth and width and the Center Circle’s circumference. Law 1 also permits the use of natural turf or artificial turf for matches. The artificial turf should meet the quality standards set by FIFA.

The second law pertains to the ball, from its measurements to its qualities.

The third law grapples on the number of players, ranging from the minimum number to the maximum number of players allowed per game. It also deals with the substitution laws, and how to enact so before or during the play. As per this sector, a maximum of six substitutions are allowed per team.

The fourth law deals with the safety of the athlete’s equipment.

The fifth law talks about the referee, his authority and powers, and what his duties are to the game. The fifth law asserts that the decision of the referee as the final say in the game.

The sixth law, on the other hand, pertains to the responsibilities of the assistant referee.

The seventh law to the time allotted for various aspects of the game. This ranges from the length of match periods, half time, the allotment for lost time, extra time, and penalty kicks.

The eighth law governs how the game is started and restarted. The coin toss, which takes place before the game, the procedures of the kickoff, and the power of a dropped ball to recommence a game, are covered in this law.

The ninth law, on the other hand, talks about if a ball is in or out of the game.

The tenth law pertains to the scoring method of the game. To determine the winner of the game, the IFB recommends extra time, which is composed of two periods, each 15 minutes in length. Penalty mark kicks are done during these periods.

The eleventh law talks about the off sides position. The 3 exceptions to this law are the corner kick, a throw-in, and the reception of the ball from a goal kick.

The twelfth law tackles the misconducts and fouls in the game. A red or yellow card is awarded for any infraction.

The thirteenth law is all about free kicks, while the fourteenth law tackles the penalty kick, from the position of the ball, and the players as well. The fifteenth law deals with throw-ins, while the sixteenth and seventeenth law deal with the goal kick and corner kick respectively.

How to manage your bankroll well

Everyone wants to learn the rules and strategy of poker but few dwell on the need to develop some money management skills while playing this fascinating game. However, most experts feel that money management is something that one learns on one’s own. But a bankroll is as important to a newbie poker player as to a seasoned one. So, here are some suggestions for all poker players:

Play at stakes that you can afford. If as a new and inexperienced player trying out Party Poker, you play for high stakes, you could be destroying your own interest in the game. After all, you risk losing everything on a bad beat, instead of which learn to play a tight game. At this stage, you should bet small. As you find yourself beating the games, build up your bankroll and move up to the next betting limit and see how you do.

Build your bankroll with money set aside for it. If you put your winnings back into poker, it would help to build your bankroll. Once it grows to a sizeable amount, you can play a bigger game.

Set a limit to your losses. This works well if you’re careful with your money habitually and don’t get carried away by the atmosphere of fun and casualness at a casino. It helps to have a mental figure beyond which you will not buy in but will quit the table. If you can hold on to this while you play, EXCELLENT!

You should only set aside money that you can lose and which won’t pinch your pocket. If you’re self-disciplined enough, adopt a limit to your losses and keep your bankroll alive for another casino night.

Now, set a limit to your winnings. Obviously, this means you stop playing once you reach the mental limit you set for yourself. This advice is sure to run contrary to what poker pros will say—that you cash in on the winning spree you’re experiencing and make as much as you can. After all, one’s run of luck is not a bottomless pit—it does run dry after a time. Besides, poker players do experience sharp swings of wins and losses. Instead of witnessing losses immediately after wins, move over to a smaller game or quit for the evening.

Cashing out your winnings isn’t lucking out. People on sites like will tell you that you shouldn’t cash out your winnings as it is a curse. This is certainly untrue. You can’t believe that if you cashed out your winnings, you’ll face a spell of bad luck. If you’re playing well and winning, draw some of the money and return most of it to your bank account. But don’t believe the rubbish you hear in a casino, no matter who says it.

These are some methods of money management you could adopt and improve your bankroll management skills. These management techniques are sure to have an impact on different aspects of your life too, as you will see.

Premier League Soccer Betting Guide

Soccer is one of the most recognized and wagered on sports in the world and one of the best soccer leagues in the world is the english premiership. The premiership features most of the world’s best soccer players competing every year for the championship title and it’s amazing to watch. Whether you follow a certain team or you’re just looking to make some money wagering on premiership games you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a short guide which will give you some insight on strategies to use when betting on soccer matches.

Choosing Games

Picking what games to wager on is obviously the most time consuming and difficult task you need to worry about when betting on soccer. Soccer betting is nothing like poker scroll in that on any given day, you could have 20 different matches to choose from. If you follow a certain premiership team then you’ll be able to choose a winner in there games much easier then someone who has no idea about the teams. If you follow a team I suggest only focusing on there games and betting on there games because you’ll have a much better chance since you know the team well. If you don’t know much about soccer and you’re trying to choose games I would recommend reading the current standings and stats. Often you can see a mismatch based on the standings and those are the games you really want to bet some good money on.

Bankroll Management

You can’t get carried away when betting on soccer and you need to use simple bankroll management tips to ensure you stay on track money wise. Just like you would use when you play blackjack online, you need to keep your bankroll in mind at all times. I always suggest to people that you should never wager more then 5% of your bankroll on one event no matter how sure you are about the game. You can at your own risk, but you probably won’t make it very far if you bet more then 5% often on single games. Generally you should choose a set amount known as a unit which you bet every game and then whenever a big game comes up that you’re feeling strong about you can up that wager. Keeping your bankroll under control is a big part in how well you fare over the long run in premiership betting.

Do Your Homework

I never recommend wagering on games without spending some time beforehand doing some analysis of the game. Like I mentioned earlier you should check out the team’s standings and stats plus you should also check out things like previous match-ups against each other, record in past five games, and so on. Apply some of the blackjack strategy you learned in the casino. You need to make sure you do your homework on the teams before making your wager so that you have the best possible chance of winning.

Where to Wager

Once you’re ready to wager on the premiership you’ll need somewhere where you can place your bets. I find the best places to wager on soccer is since they are open 24/7 and you can place bets anytime you want to without waiting for a bookie. There are plenty of sportsbooks offering premiership odds during the season and you’ll want to find the sportsbook who generally offers the best odds on the matches.

Symptoms of a Gambling Addict

Poker addiction is a condition that affects many poker players. An addicted poker player cannot control his desire to gamble irrespective of the risks involved. A compulsive player finds it hard to stay away from the casino and doesn’t listen to any advice from friends of family against playing the game.

There are several symptoms that one can use to determine whether someone is addicted to poker or not. The most important and obvious symptom is the inability to control gambling time. Such people find it hard to spend time with their families and friends all their time is consumed by the game. Some of them even fail to concentrate at work or any other duties. This is an indicator that things are not going down well.

Because of the guilt, poker agenda addicts opt to gamble secretly and keep the information about their gambling history from their friends and family. In most cases, they would come up with one excuse or the other for coming home late or for their restlessness blaming it on work. This usually results from the guilt of having failed the family or friends especially if the fellow had vowed not to get to any casino again. This same trend is shared with alcoholics who may come back home staggering but deny when accused of drinking.

Failure to accept defeat and call it a night is one key pointer of a poker addict. A poker addict may incur massive losses in a single night but still sees sense in sticking around for another game. This is usually as a result of the high hopes and expectations that things might turn round and make them redeem the lost money. This is usually never the case as the players are usually motivated by their emotions as opposed to their right judgment. Good gamblers know when to call it quit and usually don’t hesitate calling it a day.

Further to that, poker addicts may resort to borrowing especially when they run out of their own cash. This is a dangerous undertaking as it plunges the poker player in debts that he may have no idea how to repay especially if all that is the hope that the game may change to their advantage.

When family and friends start showing concern over a person’s course of life, especially in regard to the gambling obsession, then it is a sure sign that the person is headed towards the wrong direction. Most poker addicts avoid their friends as they demand for the very time and attention that is usually consumed in the casino. They neglect their families and cast a blind eye to their needs. Addiction to poker has resulted in divorces because of men’s negligence. In some cases, some men have drained their family’s savings in gambling resulting into serious debts.

Family members and friends should be on the lookout for these signs and try to help such people early enough lest they plunge the whole family into debts. Players need to keep an eye on their limits and learn to accept the realty at times that their chances of winning a game are never guaranteed.

Soccer Betting Tips from the UK

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and has been for decades. It’s one of the only sports in the world that is played in practically every single country. It may not be the most popular sport in certain countries such as Canada and the United States, but the game still has a solid presence in both countries. With being the most popular sport in the world, soccer is also the most widely wagered on sport. You can wager on soccer through online sportsbooks and there are a variety of types of bets that you can make. We’re going to look at some tips that you can use in order to help you profit from soccer betting.

* One of the biggest tips I want to share with you is that you need to try and bet on the underdog as much as possible. It may seem weird that you would want to bet on the underdog, but you need to take a look at several factors. First off you need to keep in mind that when you bet on favourites you need to win a much higher percentage of your bets in order to make money. You also need to consider the fact that a lot of underdogs win each season in soccer. The hard part of betting on underdogs is finding which underdogs to pick and when. This is why it takes the best cappers hours of research every week to find good bets to make.

* Home field advantage plays a huge role in online soccer betting. Having home field advantage in any sport is a benefit, but it really plays a huge role in certain sports such as soccer and college football. I can name a few soccer teams that haven’t lost more then a dozen games at home in years. When you’re looking for games to bet on make sure you try and look for home teams to bet on.

* If you have a good feeling that a big underdog, like the poker inventory team from the south, is going to come through with a win in a given game a good tip is to bet on the draw as well. You may wonder why you would bet on both the underdog and the draw, but it’s actually quite simple. A big underdog isn’t going to win that many games, but there is a good chance that they could tie the game. If you bet on the underdog and the tie you’re limiting how much money you can make, but at the same time you’re improving your odds of winning. I’ve always thought that a small profit is better then no profit so keep this tip in mind. You don’t need to do it every time, but when you’re betting on a huge dog it might be worth risking an extra unit on the draw.

* There are soccer leagues in many different countries and there are soccer games being played basically every single day, and there are hundreds of online sportsbooks that carry the odds. You definitely don’t need to bet everyday or bet on every game that you possibly can with your sportsbook. You want to make sure you focus on one league at a time and master that league before moving onto the next. Once you post consistent profits in one league then you can begin researching another league. It takes a lot of time to research one league let alone multiple leagues, so don’t assume you can follow every soccer league in the world and be successful when you’re first starting out.

Online Poker Tournaments VS Live Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Tournaments happen to be poker tournaments structured by diverse internet poker websites whereas live poker tournaments happen to be structured in a land-based / brick-and-mortar casino / poker rooms, a lodge or any further home venue. This piece of writing draws attention to diverse pros as well as cons of live as well as online poker tournaments.
Online Poker Tournaments


1) Online Poker Tournaments at sites like PokerStar happen to be a money-spinning prospect to take pleasure in the most cutthroat poker games while staying in the very lavishness of your personal home. By taking part in online poker tournaments, you’re not just going to sharpen your present poker abilities but you’re also able to make yourself familiar to the procedure of Real / Live Poker Tournaments.
2) Moreover, you are not required sporting jackets, shades, or blinks to be able to conceal your emotions as well as daunt your rivals.

(1) In online poker contests, you are not able to experience the enthusiasm that is available in live poker action;

(2) You are not able to get real-life emotions.
Added considerations while selecting an online room:

Website’s Longevity—Seek well-established websites having a workable player base numbering in no less than the tens of thousands. Tournament versus Cash—on you being a tournament expert you require carefully studying the contest offerings for every site. Whereas money games contain regular structures with just small variations, there is a countless figure of manner for structuring contests. A lot of competition players have turned out to be experts in exact formats and ought to find a website having offerings which match their area of expertise.
Computer OS—Owners of PC’s having the Windows OS are able to play anyplace. Macintosh ones have got to consider compatibility matters.

Time of day—Games are inclined to be looser during weekends and throughout evenings when there’re additional hobbyists online. Day poker contains a greater proportion of professionals. But, day isn’t the identical time all over the place. A day player on the eastern coast of the USA may wish to seek websites having a grave European base since it is going to be twilight in Europe when he / she plays.

Added Games—your gaming concerns may extend further than poker. Some websites happen to be complete service gaming websites which propose blackjack, sports betting, and more. At such websites you are able to use a single player account in favor of all your gaming activities.
Promotions—all websites run promotions as well as present deposit bonuses. However, be watchful that you do not play in excess of your limit to be able to chase bonus money.
Live Poker Tournaments:


(1) In live poker contests, either in a casino or in a poker home game, you are able to experience the genuine enthusiasm of taking part in a poker contest live;

(2) You are able to put across your emotions while not having to use any virtual smileys / emotions

(3) you are able to communicate with additional poker pros

(4) you are able to sport good-looking shades, jackets, blinks, and no matter which to conceal your emotions and daunt the further poker professionals at the tables.


(1) You require traveling some lengthy distance just to be present at live poker contests
(2) In Live poker contests, you are able to feel tense sitting among a lot of poker fishes as well as sharks as well as hundreds / thousands of spectators.

Welcome back Nadal

Reports are out now that Rafael Nadal will be back practicing in the coming week, and hopes to be back in full capacity on tour by August, specifically the hard-court tournament in Montreal starting Aug. 10.

I’m sure sports gamblers are all chomping at the bit for a big name they recognize to return to the sport, but before you just on the Nadal bandwagon again, my advice here is to tread slowly, as I’m sure Nadal himself will be doing. He’s coming back from a significant knee injury, one that’s kept him out of action since May, and even after a few weeks of practice, I wouldn’t pin him as a favorite worth taking a chance on.

Even on hard court, and even in the early rounds, he’s going to pull some nice tennis betting money lines as a favorite, ones that will look like easy money to those picking out matches to bet on in groups. Nadal is still ranked #2 in the world, and it’s not like he’s forgotten how to play the game. So for these matches, if his team of trainers is confident in his ability to return, you probably should be, too. A low-rated player facing a Nadal at 80% is still going to get crushed. So a money line that requires you to put up even 200 to win 100 is worth taking a chance on. As the rounds get deeper and the competition gets stiffer, though, fatigue on his legs will be something to watch, especially during the first tournament. While he might pass through the first two or three rounds in straight sets, it’s unlikely to continue at that pace through to the semi-finals. It’s at this stage that the odds makers might start throwing out even-money bets, and at that risk/return, you’re better off putting up a little more money on someone like Federer, where the return is lower, but it’s a much safer bet since you know what you’re getting and barring a major fluke, are going to win some money.

Nadal brings a lot of heart and emotion to the game, and his fire will be burning from the moment he first steps foot onto that court in Montreal, so it’ll be easy to ride that wave, especially with the hype from the media outlets, but I implore you to take yourself out of that loop and watch how he moves. Try to find some video of his practices and see how he reacts and recovers, don’t worry about how he’s hitting or serving.

College Football – This ain’t the pros

College football betting is a peculiar beast when it comes to laying down a bet, and you sometimes have to throw caution, research and everything else to the win when you sit down to make your selections each week. Because when Saturday morning rolls around, most of your prep work can go right out the window.

Let’s start with the point spread. Unlike the NFL, where it’s been whittled down to the last point, college football is much more wide open, especially if you’re looking at a perceived blowout. Spreads of 45-0 are not all that uncommon. As the odds makers know, anything can happen.

I’m usually one to preach statistics and probability, and research over any “gut” feeling when it comes to making a bet, but in the case of college football, the excitement and young, raw emotion of the event trumps all that in a heartbeat.

Don’t worry, I am going somewhere with this. My point is that money lines in college football will look like the ocean to a fisherman, but you have to hold yourself back from overreaching as a gambler. Even a 50-line bet of Ohio State vs. your high school JV team isn’t a sure thing. Be careful how much you plop down on these major spread games, they can bite you hard.

The main reason for the warning is because these are usually “nothing” games to begin with, meaning they’re early in the season (so there’s no conference title on the line, per se), and once a team runs up the score enough, you know they’re going to pull all their starters on both sides of the ball. That still might be more than enough to coast to a victory, but if you were counting on a 7 touchdown spread, you might be in for a nail-bitter after all. So take the lines with a grain of salt.

Don’t get me wrong, the college football lines are just as professionally handled in NCAA as they are in the NFL, but you get the feeling that it’s a little more Wild West in college and a little more Wall Street in the NFL when you compare the two.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take these bets, but 1) don’t bet the farm on it unless you’re literally about to lose your chicken farm, and 2) be aware of things like home field, who’s injured, just to have it as reference. Don’t make your bet solely on these as I mentioned earlier, but a little change one way or another could sway you off that 59-point line.

Speculating on the English Premier League in the 2010 Season

We are a short time removed from the start of the 2010 Premiership in England, where football is the talk of all in the UK. Love the game of European Football and DVR every televised game, including the Champion’s League and the FA Cup matches. I additionally enjoy speculating on the league winners. While I do enjoy betting long shots, I do not enjoy throwing my money away. As a result, I have my own way of doing things when speculating on UK Football Futures.

Top Tier Teams

The first thing I like to do when talking English Football futures is develop a list of top tier contenders. These are teams that can talk about raising the league trophy as we speak. In this list, I have to include the defending champions Manchester United. Even though they lost their star and team captain, Ronaldo by way of a record transfer to Real Madrid, in Sir Alex I still believe. I additionally include Liverpool in the elite Premiership sides, as they looked to be the strongest European side in the UEFA Champion’s League before dropping out in the semi-finals. I additionally include Chelsea in this group, as they have bought and paid for a dynasty a few times over and though they have fallen short of expectations considering the talent amassed on the pitch; they may someday live up to the billing.

Second Tier Clubs

Next, I list the teams who I believe are able to climb the ladder of the league table, but are not quite ready to have a compelling conversation about winning the league just yet. Manchester City and Arsenal come to mind in this grouping.

The rest of the sides will be known as “the field,” though I have disqualified many online soccer betting teams from consideration, as I do not feel they have a prayer. These teams are Burnley, Birmingham, Hull City, and Portsmouth. Add to this list Stoke City and the Bolton Wanderers,

Out of the 20-team league, this leaves nine teams as my version of “the field.” I give the field a 5% shot at winning the title – with the majority of the 5% front end loaded to two squads – Everton and the Spurs. We find value in the Spurs and Everton sides. Of the remaining seven English sides – the top tier teams each get a 20 to 25% shot at the league crown – leaving 20% to spread throughout the between City and Arsenal. Manchester City shows slight value here and has worked to strengthen their side during the summer transfer window. As a result, I would be comfortable speculating on futures for an outright league championship win on Manchester City, the Spurs and Everton. In my heart, however, I know United shall stand at the top of the table come league’s end.

Soccer Betting Guide

The most widely bet on sport in the world is soccer and you’re not going to find any other sport that has more bets laid throughout the course of a year. Soccer is one of the only sports that is played across the world and there are leagues in every single continent. Most people that bet on soccer will stick to the leagues that they know best, but you don’t necessarily need to do this and you can wager on multiple leagues if you would like.

There are a lot of popular soccer leagues around the world that receive a lot of media attention and air time on television. There are lots of websites that cater to each league as well which is a handicappers dream because you’ll be able to find up to the minute news on the leagues you wager on. Some of the popular leagues and events that the majority of handicappers wager on include the following.

* Premiere League
* UEFA Championship
* Serie A
* La Liga
* Major League Soccer

The above is only a small list of the leagues and events that you’ll be able to wager on during the soccer betting season. Soccer is one of the most active sports in the world and you’ll never have a day during the season where you won’t be able to wager. It will take time obviously to learn about each of the teams in each of the leagues and you definitely don’t want to rush into betting. If you don’t already have a thorough understanding of the league you’re wagering on then I would recommend waiting until you learn more about the league.

With soccer there are going to be lots of important factors to look at and I would recommend reading more about what you should look for when capping games, but here are some quick tips.

* Make sure you know about everything going on in your league. Make sure you know about the injured players, suspended players, trades and any players that may be sitting out for rest.

* Learn how teams perform against other teams because this will help you win money. In soccer certain teams will usually always beat other teams so you need to find the teams that have been doing great against other teams in the league. You can do this by looking at past heads-to-heads match-up reports.

* Always make sure you find out what the opening line is on any game you’re betting. Compare the opening line to the current line that you’re being offered to see if it’s a good bet. If the line has gone in either direction sharply then there might be something you don’t know about the game and you might want to lay off.

* Try not to bet on every league and stick with the most popular leagues that the public bet on. I would only recommend betting on the smaller leagues if you live in the area and are up to date with all of the teams in the league. If you’re not then I would just worry about learning everything about the main leagues such as the premiership or MLS depending on where you live and what leagues you’re more interested in.